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Splash – a javascript rendering service

Dominik Sachsenhofer - 26. September 2017 - 0 comments

Splash is a javascript rendering service. It’s a lightweight web browser with an HTTP API, implemented in Python 3 using Twisted and QT5. The (twisted) QT reactor is used to make the service fully asynchronous allowing to take advantage of webkit concurrency via QT main loop.



  • process multiple webpages in parallel;
  • get HTML results and/or take screenshots;
  • turn OFF images or use Adblock Plus rules to make rendering faster;
  • execute custom JavaScript in page context;
  • write Lua browsing scripts;
  • develop Splash Lua scripts in Splash-Jupyter Notebooks.
  • get detailed rendering info in HAR format.


Install on OS X

1. Install Docker for Mac (see

2. Pull the image:
$ docker pull scrapinghub/splash

3. Start container:
$ docker run -p 8050:8050 -p 5023:5023 scrapinghub/splash
Splash is available at address at ports 8050 (http) and 5023 (telnet).



Execute in Terminal:
$ curl 'http://localhost:8050/render.html?url='

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